Show News

(Rosettes won by Chat-Awhile cats)

We strive to improve upon our line with every litter and are breeding for a specific trait or set of traits in each litter we breed.  We do not simply breed willy-nilly for no reason.  Every queen we breed is selected for a reason and the stud we match her with is as carefully chosen with the intent to breed closer to the CFA Siamese standard.  

In order to properly evaluate our breeding program and make sure we are on the right track, we feel it imperative that we solicit opinions other than our own on the cats we breed.  This is especially true because we are new to breeding and do not want to fall into what is called "cattery blindness".  One of the ways we validate our efforts is to show our cats.  

Below are featured some of our current and past stars in the show ring.


Ch, GP Chat-Awhile's Hocus Pocus

(Ch. Minghou Sealee Me of Abha x Ch. Abha's SRP Gabriella of Chat-Awhile)

Hocus is from Gabi's first litter and is the first kitten I helped bring into this world.  As such, he is very special to me.  He is also a special boy because he is my mom's therapy cat.  He gives her a reason to get up in the morning and a reason to face each day.  For that reason alone he is a winner. However, Hocus has also done very well in the show ring.  He is the first cat at Chat-Awhile to earn a "grand" title.  To our delight, Hocus became Grand Premier Chat-Awhile's Hocus Pocus on 12/31/11 at the Finicky Felines Society cat show.  We are very proud of our boy.
2nd best kitten under judge Tracy Petty

GC, RW Chat-Awhile's Squeeze Box
(Jaysun's Billie Boy of Abha x Ch. Abha's SRP Gabriella of Chat-Awhile)

Shen is from Gabi's second litter and is an excellent representation of the breed.  She is the future of Chat-Awhile and will eventually give us lovely kittens after she is done her tenure in the show ring. Her first weekend out as a kitten at 4 months and 3 days with stiff competition, she placed in three finals, including a 2nd best all breed.  Her most recent kitten accomplishments, at her last 2 shows before she aged out of the kitten class, include three Best kittens, three 2nd Bests, two 3rd Bests, two 4th Bests and a 6th best in show.
In her first two shows as an adult, Shen completed the requirements to earn her Grand Champion title, making her an 8 month old "baby grand", an achievement that does not happen that often.  Since then Shen has continued to amaze and delight us in her show career as a Grand.  Shen has maintained the number 1 position in the breed from May through October 1, 2012 and is currently (10/1/12) number 7 All Breed in the region.  However, she has now been bred and if pregnant, will not be shown until after she weans her litter.
Shen ended the 2011-2012 season (in limited showing) as CFA NorthAtlantic region's 3rd Best Siamese, best seal point and CFA's 6th best Siamese kitten.
 Shen's rosettes
Best kitten (6 months) under judge Tracy Petty
Best kitten (almost 8 months) under judge Theresa Keiger

GP, RW Chat-Awhile's Rocket Man

(Jaysun Billie Boy of Abha X Ch. Chat-Awhile's Triskaidekaphobia)

Lightfoot is from Cami's first litter.  He is a half-brother to Shen and the first of Cami's kittens to earn his Grand Premier title.  Lightfoot did well as a kitten in the show ring but his real accomplishments were as an adult.  Once again, our breeding efforts were rewarded when Lightfoot earned his Grand Premier title in just two shows.  If the count was higher at his first show as an adult, he would have earned the title in one show as he finaled in 9 out of 10 ring, with 6 of those finals being Best AllBreed Premier.

Lightfoot also earned the distinction of being the best Siamese in premiership at the prestigious National Siamese Cat Club show in Rochester NY on 9/1-2/12, competing against some of the best Siamese in CFA. During his short month long show career as an adult, Lightfoot earned many top ten placements.  

Lightfoot has been retired to a loving pet home as of 9/14/12 along with his best buddy, Little Man (see below).  We miss him dearly, but he is well loved and will always be in our hearts.


Pr. AM Chat-Awhile's Sharp Dressed Man

(Ch. Shera Len Bright Star of Jaysun X Ch. Abha's SRP Gabriella of Chat-Awhile)
Little Man is from Gabi's last litter before she was spayed and is a delightfully outgoing, friendly, and personable boy.  He is, without a doubt, the most outgoing and affectionate cat I have bred.  While his half siblings and relatives excel in the breed ring, Little Man's accomplishments lie in another direction.   Little Man is the first cat I have shown in Feline Agility and he excels at it.  Little Man earned several top placements in various competitions, including a 5th place 2011-2012 Regional Agility Award won at the tender age of 4 months after a single day of competition.  Little Man is the first Siamese in CFA to earn the Agility Master title.  

He also earned 18 points towards his Grand Premier title in his first adult show, but we did not pursue the title further as he was destined to retire to his new home along with his best buddy, Lightfoot, on 9/14/12.  We miss both boys terribly but they are well loved and we are rewarded in knowing that we have brought joy and companionship to another family.