Our Queens
Ch. Abha's SRP Gabriella of Chat-Awhile
Champion Abha's SRP Gabriella of Chat-Awhile

(Bel Canto Reveille x Shboi O'My Lady Einstein of Abha)

Gabi is our (retired) foundation queen from Carole Pulkowski of Abha Siamese.  She is very typey with deep point color, a lovely wedge, straight profile and a long, hard body.  Gabi rules our household with an iron paw swathed in velvet and keeps everyone in line, including our dogs.  She is extremely affectionate and loving and is my constant companion.  Her temperament is truly exceptional and she passes that on to her kittens.  Gabi is the mother of Grand Premier Chat-Awhile's Hocus Pocus (see show ring for more details on Hocus) and Grand Champion Chat-Awhile's Squeeze Box (see below for more details on Shen).  As of 2/5/13, Gabriella has been retired and is now living a life of luxury with her grandson Chat-Awhile's Against All Odds, with a wonderful family who is spoiling her rotten.
Gabi queening box  Gabi
Gabi in queening box (which she refused to use) and posing prettily


Champion Chat-Awhile's Triskaidekaphobia
(Ch. Minghou Sealee Me of Abha x Ch. Abha's SRP Gabriella of Chat-Awhile)

Cami is Gabi's daughter (born on Friday the 13th, hence her registered name) from her first litter and shares many of her dam's wonderful traits and improves on others.  Cami has a wonderfully tight and muscular body with long, lean lines and a lovely wedge with nicely set, large ears.  Her coat is simply painted on and has lovely texture to it.  She has an incredibly long, whip like tail. Cami is as affectionate and loving as her mother and has reproduced these lovely traits in her kittens.    She is retired from breeding and living with her son from her last litter. 
cami basketcami first show
Cami lazing around and at her first show

(pictured at 5 months above, 9 months below)
Grand Champion, Regional Winner Chat-Awhile's Squeeze Box
(Jaysun Billie Boy of Abha x Ch. Abha's SRP Gabriella of Chat-Awhile)
~CFA's 2nd Best Siamese nationally, Best Seal point nationally, 8th Best Cat in the NorthAtlantic Region, Best Siamese/Seal Point in region for show season 2012-2013~
~ CFA NorthAtlantic Region's 3rd Best Siamese, best seal point Siamese and the number 6 Siamese kitten in CFA for show season 2011-2012~
Shen is our first Grand Champion and this year, she adds the title Regional Winner to her credit. 
At Shen's first show when she was 4 months and 3 days, she placed in three finals.  She went 2nd best allbreed kitten out of 65, 9th best allbreed kitten and 10th best shorthaired kitten.  Since then her show career has been filled with top placements, including several best kittens, 2nd best kittens and many other finals.  Sometimes when you breed, you get a kitten which is not only a step above her parents, but much more and Shen is that kitten.  From birth she has had a stunningly hard body, a lovely wedge, deep blue eye color, a stick straight profile and strikingly large ears.  Her personality is even better than her conformation.  She is affectionate, loving and loyal.
Shen completed the requirements for her Grand Champion title in just two shows at the very young age of 8 months, making her Chat-Awhile's second grand, first grand champion and first "baby" grand.  She continued her successful show career as a Grand Champion in the 2012-13 season, earning the distinction of being the 2nd best Siamese in CFA, the best Seal Point Siamese and the 8th Best Cat in region 1.
Shen has been bred to GC Shera Len Arlan and is expecting a litter around 6/3/13.