About Us

Chat-Awhile is a small CFA registered hobby cattery located in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  At Chat-Awhile, we are focused on breeding a better Siamese cat through careful evaluation of conformation, temperament, and health.  The well being of our cats will always be our first and utmost priority and our breeding and showing efforts are always with this in mind.

We come from a rescue background and have spent many years as a foster home for various dog and cat rescue organizations.  Our breeding efforts always take this into consideration.  We recognize the grave pet overpopulation problem in our country and we strive to ensure that none of the Siamese from our breeding will ever end up homeless or in a shelter.  With this in mind we will always take back any Siamese we have bred for any reason.  In fact, we insist on the return of any of our cats who cannot remain in their original homes, for any reason.   

Our breeding cats live with us in our house as members of the family.  We do not maintain a separate cattery facility.  Our kittens are raised underfoot, born in our bedroom and socialized from the moment of birth.  They make extremely affectionate and loving pets.

Many people ask us if breeding cats is profitable, or assume that we are making a lot of money by breeding cats.  To those I answer (as others have) that the way to make a small fortune breeding cats is to start out with a large fortune. Breeding any animal properly, with responsible ethics and practices, is an expensive undertaking.  Cat breeding is a hobby, not a business and as a hobby we invest far more into it monetarily than we could ever hope to get from it.  We are repaid by our enjoyment, love and companionship of the cats, not by money.

Our Policies:
- We do NOT ship kittens.  Delivery within a reasonable distance or meeting part way might be possible, but a delivery fee and travel expenses will be payable in advance.
-A $350 deposit is required to hold a kitten.  Deposits are used to cover the cost of the spay/neuter and to offset some of the expenses of raising a litter. If you change your mind, your deposit is refundable in full (until 12 weeks old) but will only be returned to you after we take a deposit on that kitten from someone else.  If for some reason we cannot sell the kitten, then your deposit is non-refundable.  If you change your mind and the kitten is over 12 weeks old, then the amount of the refund will be reduced.
- We will accept deposits only after speaking with you and determining whether you are a good fit for one of our kittens.
- Deposits may be paid via cash, check or PayPal.  Cash is required for the payment of the balance upon pick up, or final payment by check must be received 15 days before pick up in order to allow time for the payment to clear.  A discount is given on the total purchase price for those paying by cash/check.  Contact us for PayPal details.
- No pet quality kitten will be placed prior to being altered. This is non-negotiable.